Digital TV boxes are now everywhere. We use Digital signal TV box to watch our favorite TV shows from Digital signal broadcasting networks in the Philippines. The shift towards the use of the Digital signal is due to the superior quality of transmission that we need to watch the TV show sin standard definition or SD to high definition or HD. The terms SD or HD is known in the digital or IT vocabulary as something related to the way streams of video are displayed via digital connection. We can now watch TV shows like GMA7 TV shows, which are one of networks that uses digital signal broadcast transmission, in high clarity (which may not be the case as signal must be available in our area) unlike analog transmission. We are now awaiting for an update on GMA7 TV box this Q2 (2nd Quarter) to Q3(3rd Quarter) of this year for availability of the long waited TV box from this network.

As of now, we have not heard any official statement and update on when this TV box gets available. We all know the announcements were made about development and manufacturing of the product we are patiently waiting to avail. We might be waiting for a GMA7 TV box for exciting features the network has announced before, which is actually an add-on of what we may get from buying a GMA7 TV box. New exclusive channel access might be one, but still we do not know if there will be such offerings. All we need is an update of GMA7 TV box release date of availability so we could start checking.


We run the following research on updates from the GMA7 TV Box availability while waiting if there is a possible announcement of a Q2 – Q3 2019 news about it.

Updates List of GMA7 TV Box compiled as of Q2 – Q3 2019

Rescan Advisories

GMA Network Advisory: Rescan digital TV box

May 18, 2019

The announcement suggests of rescanning our existing non-GMA7 TV box or TV sets with built in ISDB-T receivers to update and refresh the settings and continue watch GMA7 programs.


GMA to launch DTT device by Q2


May 15, 2019

According to public announcement during GMA7’s annual stockholders meeting, GMA Chairman/CEO Felipe L. Gozon announced that they are going to finish the second phase of GMA7 digital enhancements, that includes the Ditigital TV box device launch launch called MyGMA Go. They are eyeing on release by 2nd half of this year 2019 or Q3 to Q4 June to December.

GMA Network plans to release Digital TV device within Q1 2019, says sources


Nov 10, 2018

As per article, GMA7 TV box is under final testing and may be available on 2019 (yes, this year) as of the time of their writing of article. No specifics are given on the article, but it suggests of a mobile friendly ideal device for GMA7 TV box.

GMA News Shows us How to Get the Digital TV Signal on 3rd Party TV Box


April 17, 2018

Based on the FB page post, they are showing an infographic of how to setup the channel on our 3rd party TV box for receiving GMA7 digital signal.

GMA unveils Android digital media set-top box and DTV prototype

(from a Tech Site)

Oct 14, 2016

As per source of the article, they demonstrated an prototype to unveil a product that is a DTV (digital TV box) which is also Android-powered.

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