Lazada just recently launched a Mid-Year 2019 sale. Online shopping pioneer and giant in the Philippines has attracted many Pinoy to buy products online because of the convenience in ordering online and cash-on-delivery or COD mode of payment. These features made the e-commerce giant Lazada to be a favorite online shopping mall destination to its users. Like any shopping mall, events like Sale really makes the shopping platform a good place to buy stuffs at lower price. Lower prices means savings to us as buyers, and could provide great opportunity for online sellers to sell more products and develop wider customer base. Hence, a sale is provided to us to explore, enjoy the shopping, and buy goods and products. But sometimes, many Pinoy complain about not getting a good deal or price for their wanted items. Some complain the price is the same, or even increased. Some complain that shipping is still charged. Others want more discounts and that they need to spend Php 2k or Php 3k for a Php 200 discount via voucher. Although those rants from other customers might affect our perception of Lazada sale or specifically Lazada Mid-Year 2019 sale, and as a result we won’t explore the products we want to buy ourselves, then it becomes a lost opportunity to us as customers to not discover and avail discounts or vouchers to save on buying online. To cast light to the ridiculed Lazada sale that happened a day ago (as of writing), I will be sharing my fantastic online shopping experience with the Mid-Year Lazada 2019 sale and to show how I got 28% discount value using all vouchers applicable and promos from online finance (like Paymaya and GCash) and Shopback app exclusive discounts. You may also try the Coins.PH app for an instant 10% discount on mobile loading. Huge savings right? Get started and use these app now. See quick links below.


List and Identify Items

So here is what happened. I started looking around Lazada for items they sell, to find out what items I need at the moment I really need. I also looked for the products I want to have, setting up priority for needs vs. wants. Okay? We are now seeing a good shopping pattern. In order to avoid buying unnecessary stuff, we need to control our impulse on order clicking, buying, paying those items. Although it might be overwhelming to stare at the huge menu of choices in the Lazada App, knowing what you need and optional wants is paramount to a controlled and smart shopping in Lazada.

Next, search for online promos that relates to Lazada. We can start by looking at how we can pay Lazada, since that is where we submit and place our order. The lazada payment method is not just the conventional retail payment option like credit card or debit card, or the COD aka cash. Traditional payment can be good, but other advance payment option is so possible. FinTech apps like Paymaya and GCash can be used to pay Lazada purchases. Thus, there was a promo from Paymaya that really helped me to jump in to the Lazada sale with these additional discounts being offered if my Paymaya was used in the checkout. Gcash also has exciting discount voucher that adds spice to our shopping. Not yet using the amazing financial services of Paymaya and Lazada? Start now by installing one in your Android or IPhone. You will be able to see discount offerings and promos, and enjoy other services Paymaya and GCash offers. See links below:

GCash App

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You nay also scan the QR below to install GCash.

Paymaya App

Go to or search “Paymaya” from the Google Playstore.

Coins.Ph App

Start a wallet now to enjoy fast, secure payments with just your phone. A quick ID and selfie verification will enable more features. Cash in and buy prepaid load for 10%discount. Sign up with my referral code SPBDHA and get 50 PHP credit here:


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Get Lazada Vouchers for Discounts

Get the Vouchers popping out of the Lazada App. Collect them, and other relevant Vendor vouchers for possible use. Why? because these vouchers will eventually be usable and knowing the brands we love will help save time in looking for a voucher. Lazada has vendor specific vouchers. These type of discount vouchers applies to the eligible products of that specific vendor. Therefore, find that brand you are interested and save their voucher. You may not know the voucher will be unavailable because the vendor has a limited voucher.


Start Adding your Items to Cart

Its now the day the sale starts. At 5AM, I set my alarm. Why? It is because the items on sale are limited in number. With no items left, you cant buy desired item. You can only add an item in your Lazada Wishlist if it is out of stock. Very sad, but this happens. You can buy the item, and the sale can make us frustrated because the item we wanted and waited to buy during a sale is already sold out because we bought 1 hour before  the Lazada Sale day ends. Okay, now we know that we need to be urgent in ordering during an online sale. Supply and demand dictates the need to act fast and order items. In my case, two items I really wanted to order got out of stock before I was even able to place order. The app hangs, and when it reloads, the product is already marked “unavailable”. Good thing I was able to find an alternative.

Targeting the Minimum for Vendor Voucher Discount

It is true that there is a minimum amount to purchase from a vendor to avail the discount. Vendor vouchers are as straight forward as “buy Php 1500.00 and get a maximum of Php 150.00”. Its true we might need only one item, or order for example Php 1300.00. But realizing the Php 150 discount, it can be a good idea to buy extra quantity or other items sold by the vendor that we need just so we get the minimum order of Php 1.5k. This is what I did to maximize my discount using vendor voucher. I also got a Php 100 from funding my Lazada wallet account thanks to the 10% rebate promo.

Payment Discount Offers

On my first order, I already got a Php 150 pesos from the Vendor voucher. I actually bought  around Php 1.5k of assorted clothing items from same Lazada vendor. These are items I found out to be essential. When its only less than Php 1.5k target, I went on and added the final “wants” items so that I will be able to claim the vendor discount.

I also done it on my second order of the sale day. Sometimes, vouchers and discounts is given by my favorite FinTechs that makes another purchase cheaper. I paid using the cash rebate from my Visa card, and on my second order I availed the Shopback discount voucher. Sign up to Shopback, it really is a great app that give voucher codes from hotels to online shopping.

Finally, the outcome is a discount, cashback, and rebates amounting to Php 620.00. I only paid around Php 2.1K total inclusive of the shipping fee. That is like 29.52 percent of my paid total amount during the sale.

Final Thoughts

Shopping can be exhausting even via online. Sometimes we sacrifice by waking early in the morning. We compare prices across Lazada vendors. We needed to read long text of the reviews just to ascertain the quality of the product and the reputation of the vendor. We might also be tired looking for the discounts and encounter stocks becoming sold out. But in the end, placing the order at lower price and satisfactory quality goods can release the all of the stress during the sale. Receiving the items and having the goods exactly the way you ordered is just a great satisfying online shopping.

For the latest promos, you may join GCash, coins.PH, cash-in a Lazada wallet, and sign up for a CashBack app account. See links above.

So now I shared my Lazada Mid-Year sale experience. What’s your experience? Share your thought via the comments.

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