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Online banking is now leveling up. Mobile banking helps us to transact with the bank effortlessly. We make use of the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. Previously only done on a website as an online banking user facing platform, nowadays we see mobile apps in Android and IOS that we just install to our smartphones for faster, more secure, and better user experience / UI.

However, opening a bank account is traditional conducted at a banks physical location. To open an account, we normally provide ID card for identification purposes, provide our personal details like name, and address, and also we provide other information like our income source, and job title. We’ll, the entire process is fast in general. If you can provide an ID card (usually 2 Government ID) and initial minimum deposit requirement, you may open an account before you leave the bank. Banks are good financial institutions to save money for liquidity. Although we know that the interest is very miniscule, the benefit of cash should not be overlooked. Choosing a savings account with Debit card is also an added convenience in time of need for cash as the money can be easily withdrawn from an ATM machine. You would need to commute to a nearest bank to withdraw, and fall in line to the teller. The availability of ATMs everywhere is just a testament to how banks play vital role to the financial life of everyone.

But on the next level convenience being offered by banks, Union Bank of the Philippines or more commonly known as Union bank has stepped up. They are now proving interested depositors to open account with them without going to a physical bank location. Just download the Union Bank online app and create an account (just like Facebook) and select open a new Union Bank account. This actually changes the perception on the brick and mortar banks, which you would need to wait and fall in line. With the internet connection, Government IDs, and phone, you may go ahead an open your bank account. The steps taken to open an account is almost the same as going to a bank. One notable difference is that the proof of Identification like ID card is being uploaded to the app after capturing its image. Users also encode their own information in the text fields of the app. Compared with banks, the Teller would be encoding that same information to their system. Hence, the convenience to users and the bank is win-win situation. These steps in the app that asks for our information is still needed, as the government regulation to financial institutions are to “know your customer” or KYC.


Union Bank has been seen as continually enhancing their services. Other banks are also catching up that provides these facilities like Ing and CIMB. Now is the time we bank safely, conveniently, and quickly. You may download the app from the following links:



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