Vitamins anyone? Multivitamins is not only for the health conscious or the sick. Working individuals often do not have the time to eat balanced diet and still have a need to be healthy. Although vitamins are not the answer to becoming a healthy person (which we know that we need to have exercise and balance diet, and enough sleep), it helps in providing us the vitamins and minerals to boost our immunity from sickness and diseases. It also provides these vitamins and minerals that we do not get from our meals. Vitamins are supplements we could take to have more energy, as these multivitamins may help the body to burn calories, and make us more energetic going to work.

Finding the right multivitamin is easy. Almost all multivitamins contain the enough amounts of vitamins and minerals for the daily recommended amounts we need. Thus, the big question now is our budget in buying multivitamins.

Multivitamins are taken everyday. Since this is the case, affording the vitamin tablet we buy is important if you plan to take in multivitamins everyday. Most vitamins that are marketed and advertised are costly, based on price at pharmacies and multivitamins section in groceries. Of course, we also buy the brand along with the actual vitamin which is not really adding any health benefit to our body. Brands are just a way to make a product pricier.

That is the reason we try to find what is the cheap and affordable multivitamin product we could buy, to help us enjoy benefits of vitamins without hurting our budget. Sometimes, we need to find better and cheaper alternatives. We have the choice to decide what vitamins to buy, since we cannot always be dependent on commercials and endorsers when choosing what to buy. Big name vitamins just costs so much at around Php 5.00 per tablet. On a budget of a typical Filipino, buying food is the priority, and of vitamins cost so much then many skips it entirely. The search for cheaper multivitamins is real, and this article helps those searching for affordable and effective multivitamin. We came to an answer, and the multivitamin I have tried is cheap, and about half the price per tablet compared to locally branded and advertised leading vitamin brands in the Philippines.

The Kirkland Daily multivitamins and minerals is just like any vitamin. The bottle is opaque plastic, which is common since vitamins may lose its potency when exposed to sunlight. It has 500 tablets and weighs like half a kilo.

The tablets are whitish brown, and have no artificial colors or flavors added. The label shows at the back part the Supplement Facts or the information on what the multivitamin contains.

Checking other brands, we see other expensive multivitamin supplements have fewer vitamins and minerals and a lot more expensive with estimated cost per tablet around Php 4.50 to Php 5.50. The cost of Kirkland multivitamins is just Php 970.00 to Php 1100.00 per 500 tablets, or costs around Php 2.00 per tablet.

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