This is not a drill. This is for real. Zalora, is a fashion online shopping site where you can order for your favorite branded ready to wear or RTW merchandise. If you are into high end designs, Zalora is perfect for you. But what if you can only spend few bucks for clothes, shoes or accessories? Is it the reason that stops you from ordering? That is why we share to you the secret 40% discount you can avail until November 23, 2019 at Zalora online orders.

Zalora, for new users are not very popular compared to other online shopping sites. Zalora stands out to those into shopping tops, pants, shoes, and watches online and are conscious of the brand. When we say conscious with the brand, we refer to brands that are very popular due to the reputation of the brand like those below:

Other online shopping sites are, in my opinion, just filled with items that really obscures your selection of product. Why do you need to sift through lots of China products, and read reviews just to have a clue if a product is legit. Why do you need to see these overseas shipping products if your choice products are available here on the Philippines?

Zalora for me is just simple and straightforward. This is my review only. I am not connected to Zalora, okay. But Zalora with a 40% discount with minimum spent of Php 2,000 is just awesome!

We have been discussing about this secret we just discovered about Actually, Zalora itself has its own new costumer discounts. You can even see it yourself at their website like these rates: 300 pesos discount, etc. ( these are Zalora’s offered discount and it may change from time to time).

But this 40% discount we are about to share is just fabulous. For a minimum spent of 2k pesos, you get for example a discount of 800 pesos. How? We will share to you these secret.

About the 40% discount, it is not from Zalora itself, but rather a discount code from GrabPay. This 40% discount is good until November 23, 2019 ( again, we do not guarantee this as this may change depending on GrabPay).

Checkout GrabPay with this link. If you do not have GrabPay yet, you may follow the link.

Learn more about the code and promo discount by registering to GrabPay and check on GrabPay promo. Cant find the code yet? Leave comments below.

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