Want to get a chance to win 1 Million pesos? Or you just want a low risk investment with traditional government retail treasury bond? Bureau of Treasury now sets start the date of availability of the Premyo bonds. From the name itself, you as an investor will get a chance to win 1 Million pesos. Minimum investment amount is Php 500.

To those new to the word Treasury retail bond, these are investment instrument for the public to avail national government securities. Retail bonds are integral to government’s program to bring government securities closer to small investors.

As announced on Nov. 20, Bureau of Treasury announced that LandBank as a coordinator of the sale of the retail treasury “premyo” bonds online. Other coordinator banks are BDO Unibank, Landbank of the Philippines, China Bank, First Metro Investments Corp., and Philippine National Bank and ordering cam be done over-the-counter. Development Bank of the Philippines, a state-owned bank, will launch premyo bonds on Nov. 25, 2019.

As per Treasury bureau, the bonds will raise at least 3 Billion pesos, to be sold as multiples of Php 500 . Small capital investors will have a a chance to win other price too, aside from the main price of one million.

Sample Computation of T-Bonds

See details and related announcement from the Bureau of Treasury here.

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