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One of the best way to generate a passive income is by renting properties. By collecting the monthly rentals from Tenant, a landlord is able to have passive income. It does not require much investment of time and labor, as the term of payment of the rent is set for a period. Most common setup among apartments is monthly payment of rent. However, there is another way you could make money with your property and land as a passive income. You can lease your lot or your rooftop to telecommunication companies looking for cell sites or Telco tower.

Many people might already know what a Telco tower is. Others call it cell site, if the use of the telco tower is for transmission of cellular signal and data. You can see these cell sites and telco tower as very tall metal towers with antennas attached at the very top, and has red blinking warning light at above the antenna. These tower is usually confined in a small land area, and secured by walls and barb wires. The areas they can be found is usually near or just beside the public roads. This is important as the building of a tower is easy if the materials can be delivered with much ease to the cell site location. Others also need to be on a specific location. These locations that are desirable are lands near many business establishments, communities, and town proper. You are lucky of you have such property, and you can earn more by renting out the property to telco companies for the purpose of building a telco tower or cell site.

How Much is the Rent for your Land as Telco Tower or Cell site?

As an offer made public by Mislatel Consortium Philippines, they offer 5 million pesos for the property lease for 30 years. That offer is for lands outside Metro Manila. Metro Manila Area property owners are offered 8 millions pesos for a 30 year lease. These are not monthly rental, but a one time payment. You do not need to worry about collecting the rent, as you will get it one time. A good deal indeed for just 400 up to 500 square meters of your land. Rooftop might also be considered.

This rate might be different from other Telco companies too.

Passive Income for Telco Tower

If your are lucky and got selected, your rooftop or your lot that will be rented by Telco company will certainly give you passive income. Since you wont build the tower, then it is really hassle free. Excluding taxes and other deductions, for example, a 5 million pesos rent for 30 years is around Php 166,666 yearly. That is around Php 13,888 monthly for a small space.

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