Being unfriended in Facebook is not rare. It happened to us once, twice, or more. Or, we could have unfriended someone on social media due to some reasons. Why would you be unfriended? Sometimes it triggers some thoughts on why we are unfriended in FB, and we begin to reflect on our actions that resulted for a person to unfriend us. We might feel emotions or mixture of anger, frustration, guilt, or relief. In some way, we want to confront the person who unfriend or perhaps even those that blocked us. We really want to know why we are unfriended. So we come up with top serious reasons why you got unfriended in Facebook.

We wont discuss non serious reasons like accidentally clicking unfriend button. See below:

Why you are Unfriended in Facebook

  1. You have been unappreciative. Some say you have become a robot. Robots do not feel emotion. They thought that you are not appreciating any post, comment or share. Facebook is intended for sharing and liking things. If you became a robot on Facebook, you stop liking any posts, and halted commenting for that person. You might not even exist to that person at least in the social media space because you never like or react at all. Worst is that you are an active person when posting updates almost everyday. This becomes one of the serious reasons why becoming uninterested in Facebook friends results to becoming unfriended.
  2. You added friends online, but did not bothered knowing the person. This is self explanatory. You added someone. You might be attracted to the person, or you might have wanted to know the person. But then, you do not know them, or you stop wanting to know them. That is when you are not able to establish a connection to the Facebook friend. As a result, you got unfriended.
  3. You done something bad to them. Friends sometimes experienced something bad with you in real life, or even in social media. That is normal, and we sometimes say things we do not really mean to say. Or we done something bad. We hurt someone’s feelings, and committed mistakes. Or you intentionally do it, and you did not mend a broken relation. That results to serious unfriending in Facebook.
  4. They keep the friends in, others out. This is very true. You might even feel this before. You browse your Facebook feed, and friends list. Then you begin the cleaning of the friend list. Why? because those that you no longer consider close to you, or have been robots and emotionless are finally out of your social media life. Over the years, as they say, your circle of friends shrinks, but the quality of enduring friendship is lifelong even if few. When we are young, we might have many friends. Some are real, while others are superficial. But as part of learning process and experience, we spot the real from unreal. Well, this is just one of the reasons why you got unfriended. Moving on.
  5. You status updates and posts. The post and status updates are what people really see on the wall. Aside from the ads, you might post annoying things too. These annoying posts and status updates might make you look less FB friendly, and could result to the end of Facebook friendship. Many agree that song lyrics, poetry, and literary quotations annoys Facebook users. Redundant posts and updates are annoying too. too much is bad, even in FB.
  6. You share too much political issues and argue religious views. Sharing is not always caring. Sometimes, you share really annoying political noise. You might also share too much religious and clashing ideas. You may find yourself unfriended by many because they felt they are offended on the posts you made. People has beliefs and some do not easily entertain other’s ideas, even in life outside of social media.

The list could go on, as we might have experienced other reasons why you are unfriended. Be good, and let your friends list grow. Be natural, and move on if you are unfriended. We can also learn from reflecting on our actions, and be good to one another.

By techno

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