We wrote about various prepaid Globe promos this 2020, and one of the game changer latest promo is just launched this June 2020. Haven’t you heard of the latest offering from Globe? Its called the Go Promos. The promo details can be found from the official Globe website. Please see link below.

The Go Promo consists of 4 new data promos. This new Globe offering is better than the older GoSurf or GoSakto promos in terms of data. The traditional promos has less open access data, as follows: 2Gb GoSurf50 , 2Gb GoSurf299, 5Gb GoSurf599, 10Gb GoSurf 999. 15Gb GoSurf1299, 30Gb GoSurf1999, and 50Gb GoSurf2499. This promos has their own features like GoWatch which you may see on the Globe promos page.

We like the GoWatch etc. freebie in the GoSurf promo, and it allows us to go beyond the limited open access data we have. Since these GoWatch etc. enables us to visit/access the included apps and websites included in the freebie, we can allocate the open access data for other use like opening Tinder, Face App, Pitu App, online banking apps, chat app, backups, google drive, and in this time of pandemic- to work from home. Many have been working from home during this pandemic, and most of the work from home apps and vpn rely on open access data. We would have to reload promo if we ever run of data for these application even if we haven’t used the freebie GoWatch etc.

Its a good thing GoSurf50 has 2Gb open access data now versus 1Gb, which is very good for Globe and its subscribers. However, its not big enough, and in my experience, I always run out of open access data before the end of 3 days promo validity. Globe now solved this by providing a new promo which is very timely for most working Filipinos at home or the casual data intensive user. We now go to the newest promo from Globe. Go50 also has unlimited all network text, which is very good. Promos like G050 is a cheapest promo and best value for money.

Globe Go50 Promo

You get the following (3 days expiry):

  1. 5Gb Open Access data
  2. Unli All net Texts
  3. 1Gb for GoWifi

Globe Go50 Subscription

You need to download the GlobeOne App from Globe telecom to be able to subscribe to the new Go50 promo. It is easy. You just need to visit the app link below to install the GlobeOne App. Search Globe One from Google Playstore will also be fine. The current size is 56.73 MB, so prepare some data or use Globe Switch to download the app for free using the Playstore freebie.

After the Globe One app is installed, create a login. Once you enter an email address, password and mobile number you will need to validate the email address.

Once verified, login back to Globe One and navigate to Promos -> What’s Hot-> Go50 (New!). You will need a balance of Php 50.00 to subscribe. Enjoy! (Globe Go50 page)

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