Iran is the top safron exporter in the world. USA also produces safron, but is importing more due to consistent demand. Safron is an expensive spice and is high value crop. It is produced from the stamin of the flower of safron plant. Each flower produces less than a gram of dried safron spice, and is one of the reasons the safron production in the world is limited. It needs a lot of labor to produce a few kilograms of safron spice. The demand for safron is growing, and producers are not able to keep up. As a result, safron costs is going up. It is the reason safron is on the number 3 rank of most expensive spices in the world. This opportunity of selling safron is a question in the Philippines. Can you plant safron in the Philippines?

The ideal soil for planting safron must be the same as the soils characteristics in Iran. We hear Iran is mostly desert, and have low precipitation all though out the year. Yes, and those few precious rain, is stored quite effectively in the soil for the safron. The soil must be able to retain moisture for the safron to bloom and grow. Philippines has heavy rainfall months and hot summer months. Its position near the equator makes Philippines experience tropical climate. This is very different from Iran climate.

Safron Spice

There is no safron farmer or plantation in the Philippines. Even though Philippines has very cheap labor that will be favorable for safron production, the very fact that the safron is not suitable for farming in this area could mean the Philippines must focus on cultivating other crops. Instead of safron, there are other crops that grows in tropics. The high value ones like vanilla is proven to bear vanilla beans in the Philippines. There are pioneers in vanilla farming in the Philippines like those located in Davao region that sells cuttings. Safron would have been a value crop if ever it grows in the Philippines.

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